Vincenzo Gagliardi – Biography


Vincenzo Gagliardi (Venice, April 15, 1925 – Scorzè, June 22, 1968) was an Italian politician. His father was an Apulian postal worker who, for his anti-fascist ideas, was sentenced to internal exile in Venice. After obtaining his master’s degree, he entered as a clerk in Assicurazioni Generali. At the end of the Second World War, he resumed his studies at the University of Urbino...

Catharina van Hemessen: Did Sexism Keep Her from Becoming Famous?


Catharina van Hemessen (Antwerp, c. 1527/1528-after 1578) was a Flemish painter, daughter of Jan Sanders van Hemessen. Specializing in portraits, she highlights her own Self-portrait of her before the easel dated 1548 (Basel Museum of Art and St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum), the first known female self-portrait of her . Biography and work Catharina van Hemessen Formed probably with her...

Artur Immanuel Hazelius


Artur Immanuel Hazelius (Stockholm, November 30, 1833 – May 27, 1901) was a Swedish philologist. He was the son of Johan August Hazelius famous politician and military officer Swedish. Artur became famous for founding the island of Djurgården in the capital of Sweden (Stockholm) in 1891, the Skansen, the first open-air museums and the zoo in Sweden. He studied at the University of Uppsala...

Andrew Rock


Andrew Rock (born January 23, 1982 in Marshfield, Wisconsin) is an American athlete. The 400-meter runner for the first time Rock took the limelight as he at the U.S. Trials in Sacramento, California was at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, finished sixth and was invited to the relay competitions of the Games. In Athens, he was then nominated for the first qualifying event of the 4 x 400-meter relay...



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