Privacy Policy


We collect, store and share data about our visitors including but not limited to the following:

  • how you found our site including the address of the referring site, html link, and or search term
  • when you visited our site, how long you spent here, and when you left
  • which pages you visited and how long you spent on each page
  • your browser including what type and version
  • your device including whether it is a tablet,laptop,mobile phone or desktop
  • the size of your screen
  • your location to the extent that it is disclosed by your IP address
  • your IP address
  • your service provider

The purpose of this data collection is so we can tell how our site is doing in terms of visitors and improve the visitor’s experience, and serve ads through Google Adsense and its partners.

We include code on our website that allows google adsense to collect information about you and customize the ads that it shows you. The data collected and used by google is described here

We also use cookies.

We believe that the data we collect about you is innocuous and standard across the web.



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