Media Archeology


Table of Contents Media Archeology Here is an interesting article about media archeology, also known as digital archeology, found while random hopping through the Russian Wikipedia. The article talks about media archeology and how archeologists can study media such as blog posts, movies, and other formats to understand the past. In the future, archeologists may not dig up old pottery shards as...

The Rise and Fall of Maria Alekseevna Svistunova


Maria Alekseevna Svistunova, nee Rzhevskaya (July 1, 1778 1 – September 1, 1866) – maid of honor; the daughter of the writer A. A. Rzhevsky; mother of the Decembrist P.N.Svistunova. Biography of Maria Svistunova Maria Svistunovawas born in St. Petersburg in the family of the writer and poet, Senator Alexei Andreevich Rzhevsky from his second marriage with the maid of honor...



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