Vincenzo Gagliardi – Biography


Vincenzo Gagliardi (Venice, April 15, 1925 – Scorzè, June 22, 1968) was an Italian politician. His father was an Apulian postal worker who, for his anti-fascist ideas, was sentenced to internal exile in Venice. After obtaining his master’s degree, he entered as a clerk in Assicurazioni Generali. At the end of the Second World War, he resumed his studies at the University of Urbino...

Arenella (Naples)


The Arenella is a district of Naples, part of the Fifth Municipality of the municipality, with the district of Vomero. The Arenella is limited to the south by the Vomero, to the west by the Soccavo district, to the north by Chiaiano and also a little by the San Carlo all’Arena district, to the east it borders the Stella, Avvocata, and , only a few meters away, in the Montecalvario district...

Artur Immanuel Hazelius


Artur Immanuel Hazelius (Stockholm, November 30, 1833 – May 27, 1901) was a Swedish philologist. He was the son of Johan August Hazelius famous politician and military officer Swedish. Artur became famous for founding the island of Djurgården in the capital of Sweden (Stockholm) in 1891, the Skansen, the first open-air museums and the zoo in Sweden. He studied at the University of Uppsala...



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