Frederick William I of Prussia


Frederick the Great Frederick the Great, This is what happens when you let an AI artist create the image for this article. Early Life Friedrich Wilhelm was born on 14 August 1688 as the only son of Frederick the First and the witty, philosophically gifted Charlotte of Hanover, only a few months after the death of his grandfather, the Great Elector. Even as a child he had a robust physique, an...



EMPEDOCLES (494–443 BC) The Death of Empedocles – in the Style of Salvator Rosa, created using the NightCafe Art AI. See more artwork here: The SUPPOSED GOD No one knows what his birth was, or how he came to earth. He appeared near the golden banks of the river Acragas, in the beautiful city of Agrigento, a little after the time when Xerxes struck the sea with chains. Tradition only records...

Japanese Art – Meaning and Techniques


What is the Japense Art? Japanese Art The following is a translation of the chapter on Japanese Art from the Dutch version of a book entitled Myths & Legends of Japan, by F. Hadland Davis which had in turn been translated from the English into Dutch. So in essence this is a looped translation, using mainly Google translate translating the text from English to Dutch and back to English again...

the amazing life of Godfrey de Bouillon


Godfrey de Bouillon (Boulogne-sur-Mer, Kingdom of France c. 1060 – Jerusalem, Kingdom of Jerusalem July 18, 1100), was a prominent military leader in the First Crusade who ruled Jerusalem after its conquest by the army Crusader under the title of “Defender of the Holy Sepulcher.” He also held the titles of Duke of Bouillon, Margrave of Antwerp and Duke of Lower Lorraine...



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