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What is Translatopedia.com About?

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    The Scope

    This site is an exercise in using Google and Bing translation services to automatically and with varying degree of success translate various articles from the many non-English Wikipedias and public domain books which I find interesting. My goal is to make my finds accessible to other English speakers. Translations of articles originally written in European languages such as German, French, Spanish, Esperanto and Italian whose grammatical structure bears some resemblance to English, tend to be more accurate and readable. However the google translation tool seems to have more trouble with East European languages and a lot of trouble with Asian languages.

    About Translatopedia
    About Us

    Randomly selected articles from those foreign language Wikipedias are going to be translated, with a minimum of clean up and then posted here. In addition, some of these articles will be used to “seed” machine learning creative writing programs to see what they can produce given these writing prompts.

    My hope is that the results will be strangely fascinating.

    Why are you doing this?

    A few reasons: 1) bringing foreign language articles and interesting things to a wider English speaking audience. 2) idle curiosity 3) this allows me to sort of create fresh original content without the trouble of using my brain and 4) the said fresh original content will act like a magnet for google searches 4) to test various WordPress SEO plugins to see what works best.

    What Sites are you associated With?

    Translatopedia is a project within the Brainypedia family of sites. Sister sites include:



    Why learn another language when we can bring you lousy translations!