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Engineer István Török (Pál Jávor) has not been able to find a job in Budapest for years, he only gets to the director’s hall.

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Zsuzsa Várkonyi (Lili Muráti), the newly appointed, beautiful and young president of Várkonyi Textile Works, is asked by the CEO of Kollár, who used to be the girl’s personal mentor. She doesn’t want to offend a man much older than her, so she rejects her offer on the pretext that she already loves something else. He discusses the matter with his girlfriend after a short rowing on the Danube. However, István Török ends up with his friend in the same place, and the women’s conversation is accidentally overheard. During mutual teasing (neither pair sees the other behind the bushes) leftovers are thrown over each other, including a newspaper article about István Török, where the engineer’s textile invention is mentioned.

At the urging of the director, Zsuzsa gives the name “István Török” in confusion. The CEO contacts the young man with company manager Ödön Vas (who places an ad with a lot of men applying for it, but the real István Török is not among them). István Török finally gets into the CEO, who, based on his name, thinks it’s Zsuzsa’s fiancé and employs him in the factory because he likes the engineer’s invention.

Zsuzsa is embarrassed, so she tells the young man to quit the company, but she refuses to do so, she wants to work. István Török works diligently, but Zsuzsa always comes up with something that can annoy the man who takes it for granted. However, once, when the girl breaks the machine, she is satisfied with the thing and scans it for him, then kisses the woman on the mouth.

István Török’s friend writes letters to many foreign factories about Török’s invention, in response to which a certain Mr. White from the USA (who is an emigrant Hungarian and speaks Hungarian) appears. In the absence of István Török, Mr. White informs his friend that he is traveling to Siófok, where he will be waiting for István Török and intends to purchase the invention.

The engineer will be fed up with the harsh jokes and will travel down to Siófok to negotiate. Zsuzsa realizes that she loves the man and does not want her to leave, so she travels to Siófok afterwards.

Zsuzsa loses a lot of money at the game table. A Turk pulls the woman out of there and hands him his own room, and he sleeps on a bench on the shores of Lake Balaton, where Mr. White wakes him up the next morning and takes him with him on his sailboat to sign the contract there. It almost happens, but Zsuzsa also shows up on another sailboat, jumps into the water, and then pretends to drown, so the engineer jumps out to rescue her.


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It looks to be about a 1935 comedy film. Reading the plot summary, this was either not a very funny movie or it has lost a lot in translation.

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